5 outdated style rules that men should now ignore

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With the unofficial end of Summer and the Fall season just around the corner, I thought it’s the perfect time to review a few style rules that no longer need to be followed.

Let me start off by saying, rules are important as they are meant to guide you into dressing well and making the best first impression, but over time our priorities change and so has the need for these rules.

Here are 5 style rules that were established in the early 20th century, but no longer make much sense for the modern man.

Rule #1- Don’t wear white after Labor Day.

White looks great whatever the season, especially white bottoms. Try wearing your white jeans with a sweater and blazer or shirt and tie.

Rule #2- Always wear a belt with your pants.

Belts serve a useful purpose but if your dress pants fit properly, there is no reason you should need one.

Rule #3- Never wear black with blue or brown.

This is just an old fashion suiting rule but there is no reason why you can’t wear these colors together. Here are 2 great examples of mixing black with both blue and brown.

Rule #4- Your socks must match your pants.

Plain socks are just plain boring. Add some personality and fun into your style. Plus, women notice these kinds of details as it says to her you’re original, stylish and confident!

Rule #5- Never wear navy and black together.

Both navy and black are versatile colors. Whether dressy or casual, mixing these 2 colors together gives a more modern look.

Let me know which style ‘rule’ you’re breaking today. Comment below!

With Style,

Tavia Sharp


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