Your image is currency.

And if you don’t know how to cash it, well! You’re missing out on the success you damn well deserve.

The good news? I fix that.

I’m Tavia Sharp and I help ambitious, impact-driven men unleash unignorable confidence, and build a billion dollar brand image, so that they can show up unapologetically and catapult their life & business like never before.

Here’s the thing!

After working for 15 years as a NYC based designer and stylist for some of the top fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Nautica and dressing celebs like Drake, Chrissy Teigen and Ne-Yo…

I realized something.

I realized that the KEY to stand out, make an impact and magnetize people towards you…

Isn’t your level of experience

The depth of your expertise

Or the number of years you’ve spent honing your craft

While all of these things are important, there’s something else that can catapult you into greatness QUICKER than you ever thought possible.


Your image can make or break your life (plus career).

It helps you develop an instant connection with the right people and build credibility.

It’s the difference between “We’ll get back to you” to an EXCITED YES (from premium clients)

So, while I was helping some of the TOP brands and celebs look the part, I kept thinking how there are so many men out there who need my help more than anyone else.

You know why?

Because our culture teaches men that it’s your job to focus on taking care of everyone else first which means, you often come last on the priority list.

Bottom line: I felt ready to make REAL impact and serve on a bigger level.

If you’re anything like me, you too want to live the highest version of yourself and make your mark in the world but there’s a gap between how you’re showing up and the magnetic 007 presence that you crave to have.

This is why I created my signature Profitable Image Formula designed to help ambitious, impact driven men discover their secret weapon and upgrade their online & offline image so that they can take their business and brand to the next level in 90 days or less.

I believe having a profitable image both online and offline is the X factor for men magnetizing everything they want in life.

If you know that you want to chat about how we can work together on creating your most profitable image then make sure to book a zero pressure call with me.

I only open up a few spots a week and they fill up very quickly so make sure to book your spot ASAP!