After working with Tavia, there is now an attention and consideration wherever I go. From networking to business meetings, over and over I’m noticed. I’ve always been friendly and approachable, but the new attention is unexpected in a good way. If you want more opportunities or gain respect as a leader, I would highly recommend working with Tavia to help you achieve your professional goals.
Daniel Garcia

Business Owner

After working with Tavia, I confidently nailed my workshop for my first Fortune 500 company. People finally see me the way I want to be seen — as a mature, authoritative, and confident professional.
Shir Aviv

Consultant & Trainer

Tavia truly cares about helping people achieve their ambitions. We discussed what I am out to accomplish in life, and how my style could support me in this. Then we reviewed my wardrobe, and Tavia identified clothes which were not serving my purpose. Those went into the “donate” pile. Finally. Tavia took the remaining clothes in my closet and came up with about 30 clothing combinations that look terrific and help make a killer first impression.
Ashok Parameswaran

Emerging Markets Investor

Tavia came to speak at our company on professional image & appearance and was an incredible resource for our candidates in readying themselves for the job of their lives. Her “spot-on” advice was perfect for the times of today in how to leverage your clothing as a tool to have everyone looking their very best!
Charlotte Lee

Executive Coach at LHH

I recently moved to NYC and wanted to up my style. Having never worked with stylists before, I researched online and spoke to 6 different candidates. Most of them focus on women, and when asked to provide examples of male clients, they didn’t have many. Also many charge by the hour, which is a model that incentivizes them to do more hours rather than being efficient. As a busy professional, that’s not something I wanted.
Enter Tavia. From the first conversation she made a great impression. She has extensive experience in men’s fashion, both as a stylist and a designer. I liked the Pinterest boards and styling examples she provided for her other clients. Above all, she seemed genuinely interested in helping me figure out and upgrading my style. I ended up choosing her, and I’m glad I did. Tavia did a great job at going through my closet, talking to me about my desired style, explaining to me what works and what doesn’t, fits, color matching and more. She asked about my favorite brands and my shopping budget. Tavia was patient and attentive, and even stayed longer than we initially discussed without asking for additional payment.
The shopping trip was the highlight of the process. I’ll admit I hate shopping for clothes but Tavia made this process easy and enjoyable with her fun and energetic personality. She visited the stores in advance so when we walked into each of them, my items were already waiting for me. Try on, and buy what you like. Super quick and easy. Even after we are done, she is happy to answer questions and checks in how my new style is working for me. I’m really happy that I found Tavia and warmly recommend her services.

Senior Product Manager & Engineer

I only recently completed Tavia’s program two weeks ago but I can tell you that my overall presentation has improved significantly thanks to her observations on my body language and conversation skills. I find that I hold myself more confidently than before, and this alone is helping me get noticed by executives at my job!
Michael Allen

Consultant & Coach

I approached Tavia Sharp to be one of our speakers because of her long history working in men’s fashion and her passion for helping men elevate their personal brand through their appearance. If you’re looking for a seasoned professional with years of menswear experience to speak at your event, I highly recommend Tavia.
David McKnight

Consultant & Executive Coach

Tavia has served as a guest speaker for my young professional mentoring group, Philo4Thought, since 2015, taking the time to share her diversified expertise on branding, networking and personal styling with college students, new grads and burgeoning professionals. Her vibrant, professional demeanor has made her one of our favorite return speakers. It’s always a pleasure to work with her and to connect her with our attendees and collaborators!
Chris Salboudis

CEO of Philo4Thought

Looking at the picture from before my make over, I could not believe I used to go out like that! Now I wonder what if I had gone to Styled Sharp sooner, how many missed opportunities could I have avoided? The list goes on and on…Now, I get to out and enjoy my new look, new style and new life!

Aviation Safety Expert

Tavia got me “dateable”. She helped me realize I’d been buying clothes that were not very fashionable, didn’t fit properly, or feel very comfortable. Her guidance made me realize how easy it is to get all three qualities at the same time and how to pull it all together. Now thanks to her help I’m dressing well and feeling more confident doing so.

Management Consultant

My session with Tavia was all about time saving, learning about quality over quantity and getting my style where it needed to be both personally and professionally. Tavia helped me go from being unnoticed at the office to landing a promotion in less than 6 months.
Douglas Cajas

Executive Coach at LHH, Media Sales Exec