Client Spotlight: How Dressing the Part Attracts Success

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I recently sat down with my client, Dr. James A. Smith Jr., Author, Speaker and Leadership Consultant & Personal Power Expert to talk about how dressing the part of his brand has attracted more success in his business.

In this video, we discuss how he went from Mr.energetic speaker to Dr. James Smith Jr., the BRAND.

And how stepping into his next level (2.0 version) has helped him project a more clear and consistent brand image, gain more exposure and increase his bottom line. Check it out…

Are you ready to step into your next level this year? If you’re ready to…

  • Close more clients because they trust you
  • Have better conversations because you look the part
  • Bank more commission because everything about you screams professional
  • Be taken seriously as a leader not just a hobbyist
  • Speak with authority and start showing up like you mean it

I can help! I believe having a profitable image both online and offline is the X factor for men to magnetize everything you want in life.

No more excuses…let’s get you looking and feeling your best in order to have your most profitable image this year!

Book a zero pressure call with me and let’s make that happen.

Your Style Wing Woman,

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