‘Reboot’ your closet

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Do you actually wear that?

January has finally kicked in this blistery winter chill and it’s just too damn cold to venture outside without at least 5 layers on. I’m challenging you to stay inside with some hot cider (make mine spiked) and answer the dreaded question, “What’s in your closet?” Who knows, maybe you will even find some extra cash you stashed in your pants’ pocket months ago!

No, but really…when is the last time you actually took a look at what is hiding in there? Do you have a jacket that’s too tight or too loose? (Neither of which are very flattering.)  Shirts with too much fabric at the waist? (Let’s fix that!) How about a hand-me-down a relative gave you that doesn’t even fit but you felt obliged to keep? Or worse… do you have clothes from the 90’s still hanging around?!


How I helped my client save money with his wardrobe…

We took a look in his closet and found that he had too many pieces in the same color, making him look washed out. He had multiple suits, many of them outdated that were making him look both old-fashioned and older than he is. Worst of all, the fit was off; his clothes were swimming on him!

Once we went through it all (about 2 hours later), we discussed what to keep, tailor, donate and most importantly what made him look great. I then took those items and created about 30 customized looks using his current wardrobe!

That’s 30 times he can go without having another person say “Didn’t you wear that the last time I saw you?” All put together from his own closet!

Afterwards I sent him a bunch of photos in a digital file so he can reference his newly customized looks anytime. I also sent a series of links to items he can add to his wardrobe that are cost-effective and compliment his current wardrobe.

The whole experience was like Extreme Home Makeover but for one’s wardrobe and best part, you don’t have to win a makeover on a talk show to be able to afford it.



If you think it’s time to ‘reboot’ your wardrobe, just shoot me an email and we’ll get it set up.

I look forward to working with you! Drop me a line here.

Yours truly,

Tavia Sharp

P.S. You deserve to look amazing without having to break the bank. The first step is to shoot me an email. We can make it happen!


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