Size doesn’t matter…

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Size doesn’t matter? Say what?!

Yeah, that’s right. What really matters is the Fit of your clothes.

And it’s more important to wear the right fit for your body type.

What do I mean by that? Well, you can wear the right size pant but there are different cuts depending on your body type.

So even if you’re wearing the right size in the waist (most guys wear 1-2 sizes too big, by the way), it might not fit throughout the leg or there might be too much fabric from the top of the pant to the bottom on the fly.

This makes you appear bigger than you are. Who wants that?!

Excess fabric is the death of style. You can definitely spend money on higher quality, stylish clothing but if the fit is off, it just doesn’t matter.

You can actually spend less money and look like a million bucks if you buy clothes that fit properly!


So maybe you’re thinking, ‘why does Fit matter so much?’

Because first impressions matter…and it all starts with how you’re dressed the first time you meet someone. This means, take a bit more time to press your clothes, wear clothes that fit your body type, choose colors that compliment your skin or hair color, and avoid worn or scuffed shoes. This will communicate confidence and command the attention of everyone in the room.

I just want to share a quick story about a client of mine…

Before Sunny came to me, he thought he was wearing the right size when in fact most of his clothes were the wrong fit. He wore clothes that were too baggy because he didn’t know what size he was or what brands would work best for his body type.

He was completely unaware until a female friend of his pointed it out. As a result of him not knowing….women weren’t taking him seriously.

So he wasn’t getting dates which caused him to constantly wonder, what the heck was missing?! He felt completely powerless and felt like giving up on dating all together.

But, After working with me, I explained the difference between size and fit.

He started wearing his new Fit and noticed he started getting looks which led to non-stop compliments from everyone wherever he went. Both men and women were complimenting him on how he looked.

He became more approachable….women were coming up to him and striking up conversations. He even got numbers from 2 different women in the same night!

BONUS! Even his boss and coworkers noticed he was showing up differently which allowed him to be taken more seriously at work.

Quote from my client…


“Looking back, style was the last thing I thought that was holding me back. I can’t believe I was that guy. I now make an impact when I walk into the room and get treated as a priority. I feel invincible.” -Sunny


Here are some of my favorite brands to shop for Men’s pants this Fall season:

Club Monaco Made in USA Navy Trouser

Bonobos ‘Weekday Warrior’ Non-Iron Tailored Cotton Chinos

Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Rosin Rinsed Corduroy Pant

J Brand Men’s Kane Slim Straight Jeans

Still uncertain what is the right Fit for you? Not sure what items work for your body type?

Let’s talk! I always offer a complimentary consultation so I can get to know you and your wardrobe needs.

If you know it’s finally time to invest in yourself and up your style game, just drop me a line here and we’ll get that set up!

I look forward to working with you!

Yours Style Wing Woman,
Tavia Sharp



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