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Do you want to dress better but think you have to spend a ton of money?

What if I told you, you can upgrade your wardrobe and look sharp on a super tight budget? Want to know how? Keep reading…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had several new clients looking to overhaul their Spring wardrobes on a very limited budget. Either they were looking to up-level their style completely or they wanted to upgrade to a more professional wardrobe so people would take them more seriously at work, with clients and on dates.

How I got my client a killer wardrobe on a super tight budget…

One of my first questions to my client is always “What is your budget?” Now this is where it becomes interesting because the answer determines where I can shop and how many items we can purchase. Regardless, I’m always up for the challenge!

First thing I did for my client was create a Style Profile that reflects his new image and matches his style goals. This gives a visual foundation of the actual ‘looks’ we want to focus on during our shopping trip.

IMG_2141 IMG_2142 IMG_2143

Then based on his budget, I laid out a master plan. I made a list of all the items he would need to get the most out of his new wardrobe. I always like to focus on versatile pieces that can be worn different ways so my client gets the most wear out of each item. I then found the average price of each item and chose 4-6 stores that would have these items at the prices we were looking to spend.

I then planned our shopping trip and we hit up all of the stores including brands he had never heard of. We ended up buying 20 new items (including 2 suits!) all within his super tight budget. He was impressed…so was I! Take a look at everything we bought…



Now, comes the fun part…I then took all the newly purchased items and created 32 curated looks. Yup! He literally can go everyday of the month without wearing a single item from his old wardrobe! Afterwards, I sent him the photos along with his Style Profile so he can reference his newly customized looks anytime.

So, what happened when my client starting wearing his new looks?

The compliments started rolling in, that’s what! “Nice jacket”…. “Looking sharp”… I asked him to text me every time he gets a compliment from someone at work, on the street, anywhere. When you look good, you feel good!

And here’s what my client had to say about his style upgrade…

“Looking at the picture from before my make over, I could not believe I used to go out like that! Now I wonder what if I’ve gone to Styled Sharp sooner, how many missed opportunities could I have avoided? The list goes on and on… Now, I get to go out and enjoy my new look, new style, and new life!” 

Then:                                                    Now:


If you think it’s finally time to invest in yourself and get more of what you want, just drop me a line here. I look forward to working with you!

Yours Style Wing Woman,

Tavia Sharp

P.S. You deserve to look amazing without having to break the bank. The first step is to shoot me an email. We can make it happen!


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