How to wear more patterns and prints this Summer

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Hopefully you’re doing something fun this 4th of July weekend whether that’s going to the beach or a friend’s rooftop bbq (such a New Yorker thing to do, right?).

Whatever you’re up to for the long weekend, I’ve put together a few sharp tips for how to wear more prints and look effortlessly cool doing so.

If you haven’t noticed, prints are back with a vengeance this season but you might be feeling like anything other than the Hawaiian shirt, a.k.a. Magnum P.I. style, might just be a tad outside of your comfort zone.

I get it, most men feel they need to ease into a print but the key is to keep it simple and match back to the more basic items in your wardrobe.

So here are a few, stylish ways to incorporate prints into your Summer wardrobe this season and style the print to be the stand out piece. Check it out…

Pair back to neutral colors: shades of tan, blue, or grey
Pick smaller prints that are versatile and match easily with multiple items in your closet
Slimmer fit floral shirts look more updated, just roll up the sleeves and wear untucked
Give a fresh spin to your black or dark navy suit with a print that pops
Mix in more subtle patterns for an easy way to update your “work uniform”
Accessorize your personality with a fun pattern or print

Are you ready to reboot your style this Summer season? Let us show you how with our unique Sort-Shop-Style method.

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