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So here it is again, ’tis the season! Holiday parties are aplenty and you might be wondering…what the heck are you going to wear?

Whether it’s schmoozing with the higher-ups at the annual office bash or looking for a date to kiss when the ball drops on NYE, it’s time to step it up. Get noticed. I’ve suggested four simple ideas for you to stand out this holiday season.

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A great looking tux never goes out of style; always classic and great for a formal event. So if you don’t own a tux, its time to invest in one. If you already have one hanging in your closet, great! Time to ask yourself, how many years have I owned this? Does it still fit me? Take it to your tailor to make sure the fit is perfect. Would Daniel Craig be able to pull this look off if the fit was bad? Remember guys, fit is key here. If you get that right, the ladies will take notice. Trust me.

Okay so, you probably have a less formal event or possibly you just don’t want to be seen wearing the same tux to every single party. Good news: you can get multiple uses out of it! Try throwing the jacket over a fitted v-neck for a sophisticated black-on-black look. Or simply wear the pants with a solid button down shirt. White looks great and you can also try a navy option for a more modern look. Black Derby’s for the feet will polish it all off!

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In all my years of designing menswear, the holiday season was the only time where some shine was appropriate. So I say, have some fun with it and get a bit more festive this year! If you really want to grab the crowd’s attention, try a jacquard-style jacket like this one from Hugo Boss. The subtle detailson the lapel takes it up a notch. Layer it with a crisp, black button down, black dress pants and black belt. Done! If too much shine is not your thing, a great alternative is a sateen button down shirt with a hidden placket. This has a subtle sheen and looks great under any festive blazer or suit jacket.

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Ahhh velvet…plush and luxurious. Its the all-time favorite fabric for the holiday season and this year is no different. I especially love this one from Reiss in a bit of color. Looks great with the contrast lapel and black pants. I would also suggest wearing it with a clean, black jean if you want to play it down a bit. Another great way to wear velvet is to try it in a pant instead. This one looks updated and can be worn with a well-tailored, crisp button down shirt and dress shoe.

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Its all in the details. You can try more subtle options that will still get you noticed. This is my take on the vest look. It needs to be slim and worn with a fitted dress shirt. Try it over a color block plaid shirt for a more fashionable look. Another way to add some subtle flare is with a bow tie. So many options out there these days so you can definitely find one at the thetieBar.com that suits your personality. And to top it all off, make sure to wear the appropriate coat. It must be well tailored and long enough to cover your blazer or sportcoat. This is a must: the right coat will last you many more winters to come!

So, why not try a more festive look this year? Get into the holiday spirit with some of these more updated party looks and try not to gloat too much when the compliments come flying your way….

Were these tips helpful? Tell me what you end up wearing this holiday season!


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