Dating style checklist

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1. Dress Up.

Your date will size you up so put in the effort to look your best. You can’t go wrong with a stylish blazer and fitted button down tucked into slim straight, dark wash jeans. This will for sure impress your date.

 2. Best foot forward.

Yes, it still is the first thing women notice. Do your shoes look scuffed up or worn-down? Take them them to your shoe guy for a quick fix or else she’ll think you don’t care about your appearance.

3. Up-keep.

Any facial hair should be well-groomed. It’s like brushing your teeth, don’t leave home without doing both these things.

4. Maintenance check.

Think she won’t notice? She will. Women love a man that cares about his appearance. Make sure to do a spot check before heading out the door.

5. Don’t forget the flowers.

Believe me, even if a woman says she doesn’t want them. Its makes an impression and it’s always the first thing she brags about to her friends the next day.

What’s on your checklist? Share your comments below!


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