Are quality shirts worth the price?

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Which shirt is more expensive? Its hard to tell, right?

The shirt is a staple in any man’s wardrobe with endless options out there to choose from. So you might be wondering, why are some more expensive than others?

Well, as a designer I can say I designed my fair share of men’s shirts and ideally, I would have loved to choose the best quality cottons in the highest thread counts, but reality is the brands (don’t want to put them on blast) I worked for made me use cheaper qualities due to price. The hard truth…shirts from less expensive brands may look cool but more than likely they are made of poor qualities or even made with polyester blends in order to sell at cheaper prices and often sacrificing the quality.

Take Charmin, for example. Why do the cheaper toilet paper brands tear and break apart so easily? You always end up using way more than a few sheets and before you know it, the roll is out! Charmin Ultra Strong is more expensive, yes, but way more durable and last longer than the cheap stuff so it makes spending those few extra cents all worth it.

So bottom line, quality is key…spend a little more to get more out of your investment. Seriously, putting on a crisp, well-made shirt that fits perfectly makes you look like a million bucks.

Sharp tip: If the fabric feels rough to the touch and wrinkles fairly easily then it probably won’t last more than a few times in the wash. Trust me when I say, save up your dollars for the good stuff! If you follow the proper care instructions, you won’t have to keep replacing your shirts every season.

Your turn guys. What’s your go-to brand for quality shirts? Leave your personal pick and why you like it so much in the comments below. 


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