5 style ‘hacks’ for staying cool in hot weather

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Hey there!

Hopefully you’re enjoying the Summer weather despite this heat wave. I actually just got back from a retreat down in Tulum, Mexico where it was over 90 degrees everyday!

Everyone was basically living in their swimsuits even at dinner and let’s face it, why the heck not? Of course that’s what you wear when you’re at the beach!

But for those of you who are not on vacation at the moment, the city heat can be brutal. So, I wanted to give you my top 5 style ‘hacks’ for dressing cooler and more comfortable in the heat without sacrificing style.

1. The Cotton Suit

Cotton fabrics keeps you cooler which is why it’s a seasonal fabric used in suiting only in the Spring and Summer months. Try swapping out your traditional wool suit for cotton instead.

2. The Linen Shirt

Linen fabrics are more breathable and more comfortable than traditional dress shirt fabrics. Try wearing more ‘Summer’ weight fabrics like linen, linen/cotton blends or even lightweight chambray.

3. The Lightweight Bottom

Your traditional khaki pants or 5 pocket styles are made with a heavier, more sturdy fabric to hold up in the Fall and Winter months so you will want to buy lighter weight styles especially for the Summer.

4. The Summer Polo

Instead of a long sleeve button down, try wearing a dressier polo option instead. Linen or cotton versions will be more breathable than your traditional pique polo style.

5. The No-Show Sock

Ditch the hot trouser sock for a no-show version instead. It not only helps you beat the heat but it looks more stylish too. Win win.

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