M-F: What to wear every day of the week

Today, I’d really like to go ahead and squash the myth that dressing better = wearing a suit and tie.

Contrary to what you might think, I don’t dress my clients in suits and ties all day nor do I advocate that they “shop til they drop”.

It’s quite the opposite actually…

I teach my clients how to to take their style to the next level by helping them dress more like their authentic selves. Think YOU the 2.0 version.

For me, it’s about teaching you how to dress more confidently (suit or no suit).

And to prove that you don’t need to where a suit and tie to look sharp (no pun intended), I’ve put together my M-F work week looks to give you some ideas on how to take your style up a notch. Check them out!

For a less formal look, swap out your matching suit pant for a clean, dark wash denim or 5 pocket pant. Tie optional depending on the type of clients you’re meeting with.

For a Business Casual look, wear a textured sport coat or blazer with a pair of flat front chinos (no pleats, please!). Layer a zip up sweater cardigan under the jacket for a more elevated look.

For my Casual office folks, here’s how to look both casual yet professional & put together at the same time. Style and Fit are key. Try mixing both colors and layers by wearing a cardigan over a printed shirt with a fitted pair of colored chinos. Done.

Try a more fashionable look like this turtleneck with a suede bomber jacket and patterned trousers. Accessorize your personality and you’re sure to impress with this look!

Swap out your go-to blue oxford shirt for a fun printed shirt and layer over a zip up jacket that pairs well with gray jeans and fashion sneakers. 

Step up your style game with a pattern top coat and a burgundy sweater (this color looks great on everyone) and throw on a pair of camel color Chelsea boots. That extra effort goes a long way, guys! 

Comment below on your favorite look!

Are you ready to start dressing more authentically and step up your style game in 2020? Message me to get started!

4 style rules every man should consider when buying shorts

The Summer season will soon be coming to a close but there’s still plenty of time to find a great pair of shorts to add to your seasonal wardrobe. However, there are a few common mistakes I see men making when it comes to looking stylish in shorts so I put together a few of my style rules to consider when choosing the right pair for you.

Just last month while sorting through a client’s wardrobe, he admitted: “I don’t actually own a pair of shorts. I have no idea what looks good on me.”

Not only did I help my client find the perfect pair of shorts but he ended up loving the way he looked in them so much, he bought 3 more pairs on his own. He learned simple style rules and how to upgrade his casual wardrobe in order to project a sense of style that is simple, elegant, and classy…yes, shorts count too!

My client in his new shorts

I believe the secret to having great style is to feel great in your clothes and the key is to find the fits and styles that work best for you, everyone is different. So, you can either take the time to figure it out on your own through lots of trial and error or you can learn from an expert. That’s where I come in!

Rule #1: Fit

When searching for the right pair of shorts or any type of clothing for that matter, I believe fit to be the most important factor. You must take into consideration your height, weight and body type when searching for your ideal pair.

Since all brands fit differently, it’s important to know your measurements not just your waist size. I make sure to take measurements of all of my clients so I can select the best brands for their body type. Otherwise, you might end up wearing shorts that are too wide or too baggy like these.

Too baggy
Too wide

Rule #2: Length

A common question I often get from men is “How do I know what length to buy?” The length is referring to the inseam and there are many options out there depending on the brand.

shorts length style guide for men

The correct length of your inseam depends on your height. For example, a shorter guy who is 5’8″ or under should avoid longer inseams as this will make him look even shorter. Ideally, you want the short hem to fall a couple inches above the knee.

the perfect length for mens shorts style
The perfect short length

Rule #3: Style

As far as style goes, you can’t go wrong with a slim fit chino short. Avoid baggy cargo short styles as they tend to look sloppy and outdated. Even if you are the greatest basketball player of all time.

Jordan in outdated cargos

Select basic colors that match back to anything. Stick to tan, grey, olive, navy or black then move into bolder colors and patterns.

slim fit shorts for men
Slim fit chino shorts

Rule #4: Footwear

The best footwear options to wear with shorts are slip-on shoes or fashion sneakers. Things to avoid: Chunky shoes, running sneakers, and flip flops.

Chunky sneakers

Reserve the flip flops for the beach or pool. Otherwise, you’ll be kicking up dirt from the streets. Do your feet a favor and keep ’em covered.

No flip flops
Fashion sneakers and no-show socks

Now that you’re all set for Summer, don’t forget that Fall is right around the corner. Are you Fall ready?

Let us help you reboot your Fall style. Sign up for a Free Style Assessment call to find out more about our unique Sort-Shop-Style method to help you elevate your style and image this season.

How to wear more patterns and prints this Summer

Hopefully you’re doing something fun this 4th of July weekend whether that’s going to the beach or a friend’s rooftop bbq (such a New Yorker thing to do, right?).

Whatever you’re up to for the long weekend, I’ve put together a few sharp tips for how to wear more prints and look effortlessly cool doing so.

If you haven’t noticed, prints are back with a vengeance this season but you might be feeling like anything other than the Hawaiian shirt, a.k.a. Magnum P.I. style, might just be a tad outside of your comfort zone.

I get it, most men feel they need to ease into a print but the key is to keep it simple and match back to the more basic items in your wardrobe.

So here are a few, stylish ways to incorporate prints into your Summer wardrobe this season and style the print to be the stand out piece. Check it out…

Pair back to neutral colors: shades of tan, blue, or grey
Pick smaller prints that are versatile and match easily with multiple items in your closet
Slimmer fit floral shirts look more updated, just roll up the sleeves and wear untucked
Give a fresh spin to your black or dark navy suit with a print that pops
Mix in more subtle patterns for an easy way to update your “work uniform”
Accessorize your personality with a fun pattern or print

Are you ready to reboot your style this Summer season? Let us show you how with our unique Sort-Shop-Style method.

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10 Ways to Upgrade Your Dad Style

Are you a Drab Dad?

You have the work uniform down. It’s fairly easy for you to pick out what to wear to work everyday.

That’s not an issue for you.

On the weekends, however, it’s another story. Your clothes FEEL comfortable, but do they EXUDE confidence and attraction?

Do you often look sloppy because you’re in the mindset of not really caring since it’s just hanging out with family? You just want to relax, willing to sacrifice the attraction aspects. If this sounds all too similar to you, chances are, you are the Drab Dad.

Here’s why you should care…

Because… she does. But don’t fret- it’s curable.

I get more and more women reaching out to me asking to help their partners dress better. Not because they are trying to fix or change them, but because it’s crucial to them that you care about how you look. Yes, don’t be afraid to care! Over-care! Appearance is for yourself AND for your partner.

France (a stylist from the hit Netflix series, Queer Eye) says he fell into the same lazy routine as many of the men he’s helped transform into unlikely Prince Charmings — a routine that involved sweatpants, nights in, and a general disregard for his partner’s perception of him. It’s an easy trap to fall into.

Yet, he speaks candidly about the double standard pressuring straight women to look good for their husbands, while their spouses have free reign to dress however they want.

“A lot of times, we forget it is our partners who we need to make the biggest effort for,” France says. “If you can’t take care of yourself, how the heck are you going to take care of everyone around you?”

The secret is putting in the effort to look good for your partner. She wants to claim, that’s my man. Once you fulfill her dreams of sprucing up, the two of you appear better as a couple.

As an added bonus, looking and feeling your best comes with the perks of increasing your mood.

She desires to be next to a man. When you put in the extra effort to look good, your every compliment, every turning of heads from those sharp eyes in the street- guess what? It’s a compliment for her, too, because you’re a confident, attractive man, not just to her, but now to everyone. You will have her thinking and saying out loud, “Damn right, he is mine!”

Appearing nice on the outside is also a reflection of how you feel on the inside. You want to relax, be comfortable on the weekends (especially with the double shift of being a father). Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise comfort for style. Indeed, you can obtain both.

Here’s how:

A General Hiatus to the Easy Fixes:

Long, shabby denim shorts.
Upgrade:Cropped and ripped denim shorts!
Worn in, beat up sneakers.
Upgrade:White as snow, slim fit sneaks!
The Go-To Dad outfit.
Upgrade:The yes-to hunk dad outfit!
The “sporty” look.
Upgrade:The jock businessman!
The infamous Dad Plaid.
Upgrade:Plaid meets business.
Tie dye?
Upgrade:Only in moderation!
Vacation Dad.
Upgrade:Vacation Snag!
Creepy, oversized glasses that make babies cry.
Upgrade: The oversized glasses that make babes swoon!

As a culture, we tell men you should dole all the compliments. And as much as you deal out compliments to your partners, the love should come full circle!

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and said, “damn, I look good!” ? Your last desire to exude self confidence to go out in the world and do what you need to do is your goal as a man, father, and/or husband? The task is yours for the taking!

As a man, our culture teaches you that it’s your job to focus on everyone else. Luckily, clothes can aid our self esteem, confidence and the way you carry and present yourself to the world.

Clothes that especially fit well and compliment the physique are what you need to focus on. Aim for simple, sophisticated and refined. Step it up slightly without distracting or taking away from who you are completely.

Drabby, mismatched, oversized

Upgrade: Simple, posh, and fit, fit, FIT!

It makes no sense to give you a complete makeover, rather, it’s about giving tips on how to update and enhance your everyday style. These tips aren’t giant leaps to change your job, location, or personality. Simply, bringing forth what you already have within you to dazzle not only strangers, but the most important people in your life.

Get out of your own way! It’s okay for you to think of yourself as attractive. It’s okay to feel good about taking care of how you look. Focus on how you feel. This is not vain, merely, essential.

For men, fathers, or husbands who want to feel less schlepy, or in our terms, Drab Dad, step it up to feel sexier. In this day and age, going the extra mile to dress well is manly. Therefore, make your clothes compliment you, and express what your life is all about… you, you, you!

6 Summer wardrobe items to instantly up your style game this season

The holiday weekend is finally upon us!

I don’t know about you but this year seems to be flying by and since we skipped right over the Spring season (weather wise), I’m heading straight into Summer with my “sharp” style upgrades for the season.

Summer in the city can be brutal with the heat and humidity especially in the NYC subways which feel like a sauna (seriously) but it’s still not an excuse to slack off in the style department. 

And it’s my job to know what’s cool (pun intended) in fashion—these 6 pieces are must have additions to your Summer wardrobe. Are these stylish items missing from your wardrobe checklist this season? Find out!

The Printed Short

It’s time to update your basic short for this printed version. Instant style upgrade for the Summer season.

The Slim Fit Linen Popover

Swap out your basic (or boxy fit) linen shirt for a popover style in a slimmer cut. This style looks great with slim fit shorts or light weight jeans for a more updated casual Summer look.

The Perforated Slip-on

Retire your boat shoe or top siders for a slip-on style this season. Try a perforated pair that is more breathable for the Summer temps.

The Drawstring Seersucker Pant

Definitely not for the risk averse, this drawstring trouser is a great update to the traditional seersucker pant (left). Great for work or weekend, the fabric will keep you looking and feeling cool this season.

The Chambray Sportcoat

Trade in your basic navy sportcoat (left) for a light weight chambray style. This looks great for a business casual workplace or try pairing it with a t-shirt and jeans for a stylish weekend look.

The Striped Tee

Swap out the same old boring basic tee (left) for a striped version instead. Instantly upgrade your casual style with a stripe pattern to make your summer style way cooler this season.

No need to overcomplicate your style, simple always works best. My philosophy: “your style should be versatile, make it work for you.” 

Are you ready to simplify your style and let it do the work for you? Sign up for your 30 min Style Assessment call to see how I can help.


5 ways to cut the crap from your closet

Spring is officially upon us! 

If you’re anything like me, it’s time to swap out those heavy Winter clothes hanging in the closet for your warmer weather gear. 

Now is also a great time to review the items you didn’t wear last year and declutter so you can create an easy, functional wardrobe that’s a match for what you want to attract this year. 

To help guide you in this process, I’m sharing the questions I go through with my clients when we are reviewing their closets for the season!

So, let’s go ahead and get started… 

1. Does it serve you?

Ask yourself: does this item make you feel good when you’re wearing it? Does it highlight your best self? Do you get compliments on it? If you’re answer is “no”, then it’s time let it go.  

2. Does it match with at least 3 other garments in your closet?

A streamlined wardrobe will make getting dressed everyday a breeze. Instead of assigning each item a specific role, try to imagine how that item can match with other items in your wardrobe. I call this style re-mixing. I love creating fresh, new styles from things you already have hanging in your closet!

3. Will you wear it again this season?

Okay, be honest with yourself on this one. If you’ve been holding onto an item in hopes that maybe, someday you’ll wear it again when you lose weight or when you have the right occasion, it’s just taking up space and it’s time to let go. Invest in items that highlight your best self now.

4. Is it in the best shape or style?

Does it have obvious wear and tear, ex: holes, tears, fading, stains, baggy or saggy? Then it’s time for an upgrade. The style part might not be so obvious to you but my advice, if you’ve had it for 5 years or longer (the majority of men do!) and either the fit or style of the garment is unflattering on you, then goes in the donation pile.

5. Does it have sentimental value? 

Whether it’s an old varsity t-shirt or a gift from someone special, limit these items to one drawer. If a family member gifted you an item that doesn’t fit or it’s just not your style, why hold onto it? Trust me, they won’t even remember giving it to you. Donate it!

If you’re looking for more personalized help to cut the crap from your closet, book a Spring Closet “Tune up” Session with me!

This is an in-person closet audit session to review what’s working and what’s not working in your wardrobe, here’s what you’ll get: 

  •  Learn what styles & colors work best for you and your exact size (most men are wearing the wrong fit).*
  • I will go through your closet and advise on what to toss, keep, donate or update for a better, more flattering fit and style. 
  • I will “shop your closet” and create 15 complete head-to-toe outfits, photograph each one and you will receive a digital Lookbook of all your newly customized looks which you can download straight to your smartphone.
  • You’ll receive a checklist of the top 10 items missing from your wardrobe including accessories along with brands/stores to shop. 
  • My professional organizer will also be on hand to organize your wardrobe items and get your closet clutter free for the season.
  • After the appointment, I will drop off any donated items to your local donation site.
  • *Includes Fit Analysis: Measurements will be taken during our session to learn your exact size and fit.

Your Style Re-mix Master, 

>>> P.S. Got questions? Schedule your FREE 20 min consultation call today!

Keep it professional in a “suits optional” workplace

Goldman Sachs’ recently announced their updated “suits optional” dress code policy.

The memo states, “All of us know what is and is not appropriate for the workplace.”

The rules have changed. As companies embrace more casual dress codes, the rules of dressing “professional” become less defined and employees are left to figure out what is appropriate or not.

But do employees really understand the new way of dressing?

My executive clients are asking me for guidance on what to wear in order to look more professional and put together in their now business casual work environments.

I’m here to de-code these new dress code policies and help you optimize your wardrobe so that it easily takes you from the office to client meetings to social gatherings.

But don’t get rid of your suits just yet! I’m giving you my simple style tips on how to optimize your suit while looking professional and polished in a “suits optional” world…

The Suit

Whether your office dress code is “suit and tie” or not, every man should have at least 4-5 great fitting suits in his rotation: Navy, Charcoal, Light Grey, and then add in other patterns and colors like this one pictured.

Sharp style tip: Solid black suits are outdated. Navy is the “new black” and has been for awhile but I feel this needs repeating as I see it all the time when I’m reviewing clients’ closets. Not only does navy match back to everything in your wardrobe but it also looks great on any skin tone.

This suit from Chookhare & Sons is a fully custom designed suit made to fit your exact measurements and the light blue check pattern makes it extremely versatile for wearing it as a set or breaking it up into several looks, keep scrolling to see how…

The Suit Pant

If you work in a more business casual work environment, you can still wear the pant from your suit as a trouser, replace the jacket and layer on a v-neck sweater instead. Take it one step further and take off the tie.

Sharp style tip: Keep an extra tie or two in your desk drawer for when you have an important last minute client meeting and need to step it up a notch.

The Vest

Don’t neglect the vest in your 3 piece suit. This is a key piece and can add more style to your typical every day office look. Instead of a jacket, wear the vest instead. Style it with a matching trouser for a more business casual look. Tie optional.

Sharp style tip: Remix a pattern vest with a solid sport coat and dark rinse blue jeans for a night out with the guys.

The Suit Jacket

Instead of the whole suit, why not turn your suit jacket into your new favorite sport coat?

Sharp style tip: Pair it with a dress shirt and chinos for a put together business casual look or pair it with jeans for an after work happy hour or date night. Trust me guys, your date will appreciate the effort! 

Ready to optimize your current wardrobe and create new outfit combinations with the items you already own? 

>>> P.S. Got questions about your specific style needs? Schedule your FREE 20 min consultation call today!

6 ways to instantly upgrade your Winter style

Winter is officially upon us and living in New York City for almost 20 years, I know waking up in the frigid temps is hard enough let alone thinking about what the heck to wear.

And as a guy, it’s easier to just go for function over fashion. For the most part, you’re just thinking about keeping warm!

However, I want you to consider that choosing what to wear is one of the most important marketing decisions you make each day; not just because it’s the first thing others notice, but because it impacts how you feel about yourself—and that informs how you operate out in the world.

So, here are my style recommendations on how you can instantly upgrade your Winter staples this season. I’ve listed 6 style swaps that are functional and stylish enough to carry you through the rest of the Winter season…

The Sweatshirt

Swap out the baggy, college hoodie for a more stylish bomber style. Dressy enough for work, casual enough for the weekend.

The Puffer Jacket

Swap out the “too puffy” puffer for a more sleeker, sophisticated style. Brands have updated the puffer style which looks great for both work or weekend wear.

The Colored Bottom

Swap out your “basic” pair for another neutral color pair. Try a complementary color on the bottom to break up the head to toe navy look.

The Winter Boot

Swap out the outdated hiking boot for a more elevated boot style. Look for a pair that is both functional and fashionable enough to wear even when the weather is great.

The Sweater

Swap out the boxy, boring sweater for a more fitted cardigan style. Layer it over a button down for a business casual look or a t-shirt for the weekend.

The Scarf

Swap out the same old boring black or grey for a pop of color or a pattern instead. Instantly upgrade your look with a pop of color to make your dark winter coat seem less boring.

When you take control of your image, you don’t just look better, you feel better. And, what shines through isn’t the clothes, but the powerful man beneath them.

Are you ready to start dressing like him this year?

Sign up for a Free Style Assessment call. Let’s make it happen!



Client Success Story: The power of your image

Do you feel the way you dress, the way you “show” up, is a direct correlation to how you view yourself?

This is what I call the power of your image.

However, if you’re anything like my client, Danny, you may not be aware of it. But instead of me explaining it for him, I’d rather let Danny share his story in his own words. Here’s what he had to say…


What challenges did you face before we started working together?

“In a leadership course it was brought to my attention that my wardrobe was not a representation for what I am building professionally or my position as President & CEO of my catering and events company. On the personal side I was attracting a variety of women, but not what I was ultimately looking for to have a long term committed relationship.”


What helped you in our work together?

“On the styling side, going through my wardrobe showing me how the sizes I wore were too big making me look bigger than I am. Showing me styles and fits that compliment my body and those that do not. I pride myself on taking care of my clothes and while having clothes well taken care of was admirable, Tavia reviewed how those clothes were also dating me. I eliminated 95% of my outdated items. I also appreciated the service to shop with me to learn what looks good and not. Last, Tavia giving me the heads up on discounts or sample sales is really great.

On the personal side, we would talk about dating situations and how women think. The women I was attracting and whether I was clear on what I was looking for in a partner. Tavia gave me a great exercise to find focus on the type of woman I was looking to meet.”


What were your results?

“Professionally, after having Tavia style me, there is an attention and consideration wherever I go now. I never expected or wanted it beyond representing my company to get prime opportunities. My experiences range from getting prime parking without charge, doors held open, being told I must be an elected official, going into stores and being serviced right away even if there are lines, bumped into front as a walk-in for my daughter to see her doctor.

Staff, family, friends, people I know or new ones saying I look 35-45, I’m 55 years old! I’m told they like the new me although I don’t feel different, but I do look different. Over and over I’m noticed. It’s regular at this point. I’ve been stopped at conferences by people who want to know who I am and what I need. I’ve always been friendly and approachable, but the new attention is over the top. I have been asked to be a Gala Co-Chairman. I went to an event and was told by others my age that I keep looking younger.

Personally, after doing Tavia’s exercises, I refocused to not entertain women I knew were not what I wanted or who did not want what I did. Within a week or so I connected with 2 women who matched my ideal. One of them I really connected with and chose to pursue to start a long term, committed relationship with. Amazing how that worked. She says she loves the person I am and she enjoys my style as well, lol.”

Regardless of your age, position, or industry, you have a unique opportunity to stand out. 

You have the power to choose how you represent yourself and your company.  By changing the way you dress, you “show up” differently and you get different results:

  • Increase your job performance and get promoted.
  • Increase your sales and close more deals.
  • Increase your odds in dating and get better matches.

Dressing a certain way has most definitely landed me more jobs, clients, and bigger opportunities. The question is, do you want to stand out or hide out?

Let’s talk! << Sign up for your free 20 min consult today!

With Style,


Conquer your casual style this Fall

Fall is my favorite season here in NYC!

I just got back from sunny San Diego where the 70 degree weather is a bit like groundhog day (no complaints) but let’s be honest, apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes just don’t quite mix with the California weather. 

Something about the crisp air here on the east coast, not only do I love this kind of weather but because I also love helping my clients update their Fall wardrobes.

And with office dress codes becoming more lax these days, my clients are wanting to add more versatile and stylish casual items into their work week rotation. So, I’m sharing a few Fall items I recommend adding to your closet this season.

#1: The 5 Pocket Pant

These are great to wear in place of your basic chino pants. The 5 pocket has the same look of a jean but the fabric is much softer than denim, usually in a brushed twill so they look dressy enough to wear to work.

#2: The Cardigan Sweater

Swap out your v-neck sweater for a cardigan style. This is a versatile layering piece you can dress up with a button down for the office or style it “a la Ryan Reynolds” over a white t-shirt on the weekend.

#3: The Chukka Boot

Also called the desert boot, this is the most versatile shoe you can add to your wardrobe. Dress them up or down, these go with pretty much everything in your closet.


#4: The Field Jacket

No more boxy car coats this season. The field jacket looks way more stylish and it’s even versatile enough to wear over your suit or blazer to the office.

#5: Bordeaux

From pants to sweaters to jackets, Bordeaux is the color of the season. Match it with blues, blacks, browns, and grays to give a bit of pop to your Fall wardrobe.

Are you ready to conquer your casual style this Fall season? 

Let’s talk! << Sign up for your free 20 min consult today.

Your Style Wing Woman,